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About Respected and Despised
*We are now accepting applications! Fill out the entire thing and answer every question to be considered.
*US West Coast PvP server Empire guild
Server: The Bastion
Respected and Despised is founded by a group of individuals that played WoW together for years. After a semi hardcore approach to past games that we have taken, we will be adopting a similar play style in SWToR.
We don't want our leaders feeling the pressure to be online every day and have to be around lest the guild suffer. We don't want our members feeling their personal lives need suffer in order to acquire a peice of gear or to be an important member of the family. We want this game to be fun, not a 2nd job. That said, we will still go after end game with a passion.

We will be focused primarily on PvE raiding, but will also do alot of PvP. You will have people that want the same thing as you. We stradle the line between hardcore and non-hardcore. We are like a family, and that is of the utmost importance and will never change. Personality > Skill

The forums are our bread and butter. They need to be used not only to keep eachother informed and up to date, but also to keep the cohesiveness of the guild intact and strong. I can't stress this enough. Using the forums will enhance your gaming experience tenfold.
While we won't have an official Code of Conduct, there are some basic principals that we will enforce.
* Treat eachother well. I am a huge fan of talking perverse and having fun, but I also know how far to take it without offending people. Have fun, but don't be a dickwad to people just cause you are behind your computer and thus immune to getting punched in the face for the way you act.
* Don't be an overly sensitive wimp. If you don't like the words rape, or gay, for instance, you probably shouldn't play an mmo. They've become staple terms in the mmo world and I won't waste my time correcting people who say those words in this game. Just deal with it.
* Do not troll. You wear our guild name above your head, and you are a direct representation of the guild. We won't put up with retard trolling trade chat from one of our members.
* If you have problems, come to an officer. We'll help you find a solution. We can't help you if we don't know about the problem.
* Have fun for Christ's sake. It's a video game! =)

We look forward to meeting and killing many a pixel with you all.

Welcome to RaD!
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