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Steve Hamaker

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Joined: 03 Jun 2013

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re: App: Steve Hamaker

The application submitted by Steve Hamaker is as follows:

What is your character's name / class / role? (Expample: Trollsbane / BH / Tank):

Where/how did you hear about us? If we would know you with a different name, perhaps from a website, please include that as well. If it's a friend, please include the friends name.:
Google search

What makes you want to join us?:
Looking for a community of SWToR players to play with.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?:
Obi Wan Kenobi

Please list the swtor guilds you have been in and why you left them.:
Darth Hater (dissolved)

Do you have previous gaming experience? If so, what?:
WoW, SWG, EQ 1nad 2, Rift

What is your main motivation for playing SWToR?:
Star Wars immersion and story.

Aside from gaming, what do you do with your life?:
I am a cartoonist and comic book colorist. I have a family with one young child, and I love games.

How do you feel about profanity?:
that shit is fine.

If accepted into RaD, what do you feel you'd be entitled to as a new guild member?:
Joining up with people to take down group content from time to time.

What was the last book you read?:
Star Wars Aftermath

What is your favorite kind of music?:

If you had to desribe your lifestyle as a certain genre of music, what would it be and why?:
Electronic dance. I like to live my life to my own driving beat.

If you were an animal on a carousel, what animal would you be, and what music would be playing in the background?:
Zebra with the Benny Hill theme playing.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Never
Monday -> 2x a Month
Tuesday -> 2x a Month
Wednesday -> 2x a Month
Thursday -> 2x a Month
Friday -> 3x a Month
Saturday -> Never
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